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Are you looking for a pediatric practice with highly-qualified pediatricians and several convenient locations open 7 days a week? You've come to the right place!
To our Pediatricenter families: In order to protect your families, we have now generally shifted to the following schedule: For the first half of each day, we will see our patients who are not sick, such as check-ups, injuries, and medication follow-ups. This way, your risk of exposure to illness is minimized. For the second half of each day, we will see our patients who are sick, reducing your need to take a chance on going to the ER.

We will try to get you and your child back into the exam room as quickly as possible. If there will be a considerable wait in the lobby, you have the option of staying in your car and we can call you when your room is ready.

Our doctors are now able to perform virtual visits for your convenience and safety. This will be an option for appointments which would not need an in-office examination; examples include medication checks, seasonal allergies, pink eye, rashes, among others. When scheduling for a same day sick appointment, please ask if this would be a possibility. The website is, and our front desk staff will let you know how to get connected with your doctor at your visit time.

  • Mayfield Heights
  • 6001-C Landerhaven Dr.
  • Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
  • 440.720.3888 ph
  • 440.720.3882 fx

  • Hours
    Mon-Fri 8:45am-5pm
    Sat 8:45am-12pm
Mayfield Heights
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