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You no doubt are inundated with news of the novel Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19).  We at Pediatricenter are here to help.

For up to date, factual news about the situation, or if you have specific questions about the illness as it pertains to you or your family, please look to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Ohio Department of Health (ODH) websites or call the ODH hotline below:

You can also visit the University Hospitals website for more local information:

or call 1-833-4ASKODH (1-833-427-5634)

If you call Pediatricenter, please be patient with our screening questions.  As always, we will continue to see anyone for well and sick visits that successfully passes through these questions.  If there is concern for coronavirus upon entering our offices, please be aware you and/or your child may be required to wear a mask, you may be asked to wait in a non-standard patient room, or we may ask that you wait in your car until a room is available.  These are precautions to keep everyone safe.

And, of course, remember to follow the usual illness prevention steps at the CDC website below.  It is still the best way to prevent illness.



Cleveland Kids' Book Bank is partnering with Ready4K, a service that texts parents 3 times a week with simple learning activities to integrate into their everyday routines.  The Book Bank is now offering Ready4K free to all families in Greater Cleveland regardless of income level through the end of the 2019/2020 school year.  To enroll, text “Cleveland” to 70138 and follow the prompts.  Parents will receive 3 texts per week with age-appropriate tips to engage their kids.  Examples include “Can you find the letter A on the shampoo bottle?”  “Can you count how many cans are in the shopping cart?”  “How many steps does it take to walk from here to home?”  They are also sharing fun activities and read-alouds on their social media channels.    


Things to do with your kids during the quarantine

With the uncertainty of when our kids will be returning to school, you may be wondering how to fill all this time with your children. 

Our advice:  try not to change their schedules.  The following applies to all ages.  First, children thrive on structure (whether they act like it or not!).  Keep wake times and bedtimes as close to the same as possible.  Try to have kids do their school work around the same times each day, just take more frequent breaks for fun and meals.  If they weren’t given school work, give them some!  Use online printable worksheets mirroring what they’re learning in school or have them read a book.  Keeping their minds focused on learning for at least some of the day will be helpful for when school resumes. 

Speaking of books, this is a wonderful opportunity to practice reading.  For younger kids, try to carve out 15-20 minutes a few times per day so they can do this.  Older children can read for longer periods.

Having said all of that, spend some (or all!) of these days in pajamas!  Enjoy skipping the usual morning hustle for a while.  Most of all, try to have some fun.  Despite the reason your kids are home-bound, this can be a very unique and positive opportunity for many families. 

Here is an article written by a physician and a mother to home-schooled kids that we thought was  helpful:

Shifting gears, if your children are asking questions or are acting concerned about the coronavirus, some resources are below:

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

Here is a video from a recent CNN interview with one of our AAP colleagues:

Center for Disease Control:

For ages 8+:

For ages 6+:

Gross motor activities:

Cosmic kids Yoga-

Painters tap- make an activity course or paper ball toss.

Explore the metroparks- give space, but get some fresh air and enjoy being outside.

Chalk the neighborhood-beautiful art uplifts everyone’s spirits. 

Paper roll bowling- use paper towels rolls as pins and have knock them down.

Interactive/ Virtual experiences:

Virtual field trips-

Virtual Disney rides-

Live Zoos- Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are hosting Facebook live events for young children.

Authors reading stories:


Infant and toddlers-


Fine motor/ crafts:

Disney coloring pages-

Stickers, beads, and popsicle sticks encourage finger grasps. 

Legos and Magna-Tiles- encourage imagination and fine motor.

Art- make art projects fun! 

At home activities-


Vooks- interactive books

Amazon FreeTime- 


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